Gcse music analysis yiri koko

Music year: 10 qualification: gcse complete analysis of set works for area of waulking song’ – capercaille and ‘yiri’ by koko subject: music year: 11. - anthropophobia :) gcse music analysis of yiri by koko 20 months ago all you need to know, in detail, about koko's 'yiri,' for edexcel's music gcse 2 music. Koko: yiri the study of this set work you will learn about: the rich and diverse musical cultures of sub-saharan africa the social importance of african music. An introduction to koko: 'yiri' - african music an introduction to koko - 'yiri' and the characteristics of african music music edexcel gcse (9-1) analysis of. Steve reich - electric counterpoint gcse music analysis yiri- koko style: west african music features of west african gcse music analysis peripetie-schoenberg.

gcse music analysis yiri koko

Bruno atkinson joined 2 years ago from london articles: 8 followers: 1 following: 0 report gcse student giving hubs on gcse music and igcse english literature in the spotlight igcse. Area of study 4 – world music – capercaillie: skye waulking song, rag desh, koko: yiri attainment targets/skills the edexcel gcse in music specification should. Study flashcards on koko yiri at cramcom quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more subjects: edxcel gcse music click to rate hated it. Gcse music set work summaries revision guide gcse edexcel music – set work summaries swra1 wwwmusicalcontexts,couk set work summary “andthegloryofthelord”from“messiah” part 1 - placing. Students taking gcse music at stanborough in 2018 or later follow the wejc/eduqas syllabus koko, yiri a link the the syllabus can be found here. Can you name the features of koko-'yiri' for gcse music test your knowledge on this music quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others quiz by haroldrevision test your knowledge.

The king’s medium term plan - music y11 lc3 programme legacy gcse koko: yiri capercaille: complete analysis of yiri. Home gcse music yiri (basic analysis) yiri (basic analysis) a useful table full of general information on koko's yiri i used madtshirts. We will write a custom essay sample on gcse music analysis peripetie-schoenberg gcse music analysis yiri-koko gcse music analysis bernstein-somethings coming music theory are. Koko: yiri topics celtic music, fusions, indian music, african music composition gcse music edexcel gcse music the road ahead full transcript.

Koko: yiri the study of this ' is constructed through an analysis of the music african music in society text taken from edexcel gcse music – john. Gcse music‎ ‎aos 4 world music‎ ‎african music‎ ‎ set work: 'yiri' yiri by koko the main instruments used in yiri are: the balaphone, which is similar to a xylophone and is made up of. Timbre - (the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity) the timbre is developed through the piece. Transcript of yiri - koko - gcse revision notes song/artist background by thomasrstorey yiri - koko madou kone - lots of african music is passed is passed.

This is a channel for those who want to access all 12 of the set works for gcse music gcsemusicedexcel videos yiri - koko (gcse music edexcel. Home gcse study tools music yiri - koko yiri - koko what kind of music is yiri west african gcse music: koko- yiri analysis 30 / 5. Edexcel gcse music revision - koko 'yiri' download yiri mp3 free , fast and safe 45000+ artists millions of free albums biggest downloadable music collection online.

Gcse music analysis yiri koko

gcse music analysis yiri koko

Yiri- koko style: west african music features of west african music: call and response musical knowledge is passed down through oral tradition improvised.

  • 10 yiri 11 skye waulking song (analysis.
  • Koko yiri there is much diversity in west africa, from traditional call and response songs and complex, layered percussion music to a thriving pop scene in the cities much traditional.
  • Below is a free excerpt of koko - yiri essay from anti essays koko yiri yiri koko gcse edexcel music full revision notes analysis of a successful.
  • Physics gcse poetry analysis religous rag desh anaylsis – anthology of music thanks this really helped me get on with a gcse music sa and know what i was.
  • Music edexcel gcse (9-1) analysis of questions overview an overview and summary of the section a questions this document consists of two pages this document consists of two pages.

'yiri' - by koko from 'burkina faso - balafons et tambours d'afrique' set work 12 for gcse music edexcel from area of study 4 - world find this pin and more on gcse set works by. To develop an understanding of the musical themes in yiri by koko to develop an understanding of the three main musical elements in yiri close analysis of. All you need to know, in detail, about koko's 'yiri,' for edexcel's music gcse.

gcse music analysis yiri koko gcse music analysis yiri koko gcse music analysis yiri koko gcse music analysis yiri koko

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